After the training

Once you have successfully completed a Champions' training course you will be given a code that will give you access to resources and tools that will help you set up and run a Dementia Friends' information session.˜You can also sign up to our e-newsletter, which will have information and ideas tailored to people who have successfully completed Champions' training courses.

You may not need to set up anything special to run a Dementia Friends' information session. If you are already part of local networks, such as a book club or residents' association, then you could organise a Friends' information session at one of your meetings or among a group of friends or at work. We hope that Dementia Friends Champions will reach as many people as possible by talking to groups, but small groups of friends or even sharing information one to one can help too.

Here are some ideas from Dementia Friends Champions about where they will run their information sessions:

  • Coffee mornings, lunch clubs, knitting groups and book clubs.
  • Tenants' associations and residents' groups.
  • Social clubs.
  • WI, Round Table, British Legion.
  • Students unions.
  • Schools and sixth form colleges.
  • Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides groups.
  • Workplaces.
  • At their places of worship.

We will provide resources on the website to help you to run a Friends' information session, which will include PowerPoint presentations for those people who want to use them. But there will also be informal exercises, quiz sheets, suggestions for book club and reading sessions, bingo sheets, and sample talks. We will keep building this resource so you can find the one that best suits you and the people you're talking to.

Wherever and however you choose to run a Friends' information session you will need to post it on the Dementia Friends website so that we know about the Friends' information sessions that are being run. However, you are able to choose if you make this information public so that other people in your area wanting to be Dementia Friends can search for it and sign up to attend. If you would rather keep your Friends' information session just for people that you already know then that is fine but please do still tell us about it by putting it on the website.

Read on to see if you are eligible˜to be a Dementia Friends Champion, or search for your nearest Champions' training course using the box on the right.˜

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