How else can I help?

Dementia Friends is being run by˜Alzheimer's Society. It's funded by the˜government and aims to˜improve people's understanding of dementia and its effects. Alzheimer's Society is working with lots of volunteers and other organisations to achieve this goal.

At the moment Dementia Friends is only being funded to run in England and˜currently we can only run training sessions in England. So if you live elsewhere,˜you can follow us on social media, sign up to the e-newsletter and check the Alzheimer's Society website for volunteering opportunities in your area (see links below).

For people living in England, we understand that not everyone will want to, or have the time to, become a Dementia Friends Champion. You can still be part of the Dementia Friends initiative by becoming a Dementia Friend. The initiative is running until 2015, and you can always take the Dementia Friends Champions' training at a later point.

You could also encourage your colleagues to become Dementia Friends, particularly if your work brings you into contact with people living with dementia.˜

Register as a Dementia Friends Champion